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Where To Find The Best Online Poker Bonuses?

Each site offering online poker will advertise the best bonuses they have to offer. However, if you want a quick comparison between all the operators and the site itself doesn’t offer, a quick Google search should be enough. You will find sites dedicated to listing the best bonuses, so it is easy to take your pick. But remember, as we talked about above, the best deal isn’t always the biggest bonus!

How to claim an online poker bonus

This can vary from site to site, but poker bonuses are generally applied in two ways. The first is to automatically add it to your account when you sign up, make your first deposit, or meet any other necessary requirements. Alternatively, the bonus is announced with a special code which you will be asked to enter during the registration or deposit process. Both are extremely simple, so no cause for confusion here!

Wagering requirements for bonuses

We talked about this above when we discussed the first deposit bonuses. The wagering requirements are basically the amount you need to play before you can withdraw your bonus. The time limit for meeting the conditions is not always the same, and the rules and requirements vary from site to site. Obviously, the easier it is to meet your wagering requirements, the faster you will be able to reap the rewards and cash out your winnings, but you will have to make that decision depending on how many times you log in to play a few hands.

Can you play online poker for real money?

Of course, you can. Most sites offer you both virtual money and real money options. Once you are done practicing virtual money games, unless you are already ready to take on the big guys, you can instantly access the real offer after depositing into your account.

Are online poker sites rigged?

That’s a good question, asked by many players. The occasional scandal involving an online poker site has made many believe that all poker sites are rigged. And it really doesn’t help that in our age of robots and organized mass gaming everything is starting to feel a bit too automated. Once you start to contemplate the huge competition that currently exists in online poker, it is not surprising that you also start to question the legitimate side of online casinos. It may seem that making decent payouts from online poker is a bit of a pipe dream. So what is the reality?

Authorized and licensed online poker sites are not rigged. Sometimes hitting a losing streak, bad beat, or being really unlucky a few times in a row can make it feel like it is, but that is just the nature of the game, my friend. You have to take the bad with the good!

How To Play Craps?

Craps is one of the most popular dice games in the world. The players bet on the result of the roll of a pair of dice.

Other than quieter environments, playing online craps is no different than playing craps in a land-based casino. The rules are the same, but you tend to have a bit more control over the pace of the game.

The dice are only rolled once you have placed your bet, and you can take your time, but those are pretty much the only differences. It might be a little more comfortable, but it’s still exactly the same game. You place your bet; the dice are rolled, you continue to roll or place more bets, the bets are paid: this is also simple as that.

An online craps table is divided into two main sections, a central section, and the side sections. Since a craps table in a land-based casino tends to be quite large, there are two identical side sections, each supported by a different dealer. The central section is managed by another dealer, the so-called stickman.

Lateral sections

The side sections include the so-called self-service area where players can manage their own bets simply by placing their chips on the bet they wish to place. These bets include pass, do not pass, and “field bet.” If any winnings are generated from these bets, the dealer will place them next to the player’s chips, and it will be up to the player to withdraw them; otherwise, they will stay there for the next roll.

The points boxes with the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 are the responsibility of the croupier. Players should ask the dealer if they wish to place a bet on any of them. Finally, there are the “come” and “don’t come” fields, which are also the responsibility of the dealer.


The middle section only exists once on each table, and all players share it, regardless of their position on the table (this is obviously something that doesn’t really have any effect on craps. online).

Betting proposals are placed in the central section, and, to place them, players must always go through the stickman indicating the bets they wish to place.

Understand the order of play

A game of craps goes like this:

  • The player selects two dice that he wants to roll.
  • The player places a bet on a pass line, as do the other players on the table.
  • The shooter rolls the dice for the first time, creating the starting role.
  • After the first roll, further bets may be placed on the next roll (s).
  • A round ends when the player rolls another 7 or 11.