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Kamus Bahasa Indonesia – Bahasa Inggris (A)

a the first letter of the alphabet.
AA [Asia, Afrika] Asia-Africa.
AAL [Akademi Angkatan Laut} Naval Academy.
aam see am.
aau 1 ouch! (exclamation of pain). 2 what! (exclamation of surprise).
AAU [Akademi Angkatan Udara] Air Force Academy.
AB 1 (Anggaran Belanja)  budget. 2 (Angkatan Bersenjata)  armed forces.
aba order, command (in calisthenics, drill practice, etc.). meng-kan give orders (for drill, etc.). peng- drill leader.
abab exhaled breath.
abad 1 century. 2 age, era. ber-abad-abad for centuries.
abadi eternal, lasting, enduring. memper-, meng-kan 1 immortalize, record for posterity. 2 perpetuate. ke-an 1 durability, permanence. 2 eternity, perpetuity. peng-an perpetuation.
abah direction. 2 see  ABA1.
abah-abah harness.
abai neglectful. meng-kan 1. ignore, disregard. 2 underestimate, minimize. 3 make light of, belittle. ter-(kan) slighted, ignored.
abang (Jkt and some other regions) 1 elder brother. 2 (in some regions only) red.
abangan (Jv) o. who does not adhere strictly to the precepts of o.’s nominal religion.
abar (R.R.) brake.
abat see ABAD
abau k.o. tortoise.
abbas abbot.
ABC abese  the ABC’s.
abd see abdi.
abdas (Islam) absolution before prayer.
abdei abbey.
abdi 1. servant. 2 slave. meng- serve. memper- make subservient, peng- official. peng-an 1 service. 2 subservience, submission. 3 servitude. 4 devotion, dedication.
abdidalemisme sycophancy.
abdikasi abdication.
abdis abbess.
abdu see abdi.
abece [ABC] alphabet, ABC’s.
abelur see hablur.
aben cremate. meng-, meng-kan cremate. peng-an cremation.
aberasi aberration.
aberikos see abrikos
abet 1. appearance. 2 behavior.
abib (in families of Arabic descent) grandfather.
abid 1 pious, devout. 2 see abadi.
abidin /abidun/ (Islam) the faithful.
Abil see habil
abis see habis
abiturien who went as far as high school,.
abjad alphabet. meng-kan alphabetize. peng-an alphabetization.
abjadiah alphabetical.
ablak (Jakarta) open wide.
ablatif (Ling.) ablative
ablur see hablur.
ABN [Anggaran Belanja Negara] national budget.
abnormal abnormal.
abnormalitas abnormality.
abnus (Lit.) ebony.
abolisi abolition.
abon shredded meat that has been boiled and fried.
abone subscriber.
abonemen subscription (to a magazine, etc.).
aborsi abortus / abortion
abrak mica.
abrek 1 very much. 2 see AMBREG.
ABRI [Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indo­nesia] Indonesian Armed Forces.
abrikos apricot.
abrit-abritan see aprit-apritan
abruk (Jakarta) slam or set s.t. down with a crash.
ABS [Asal Bpk Senang] as long as the boss is happy.
absah valid, legal, legitimate. meng-kan 1 en­dorse, approve. 2 legalize. ke-an validity, legality. peng-an 1 endorsement, approval. 2 legalization.
absen absent. meng- call roll. -an roll. peng-an taking of the roll.
absensi take attendance.
abses abscess.
absis (Math.) abscissa
absolusi (Rel.) absolution (of sins).
absolut absolute.
absolutisme absolutism
absorpsi (Ling., Phys) absorption.
absten abstain.
abstrak 1 abstract, summary, precis. 2 abstract, theoretical.
abstraksi theoretical, meng-kan shorten.
absur /absurd/ absurd.
absurditas absurdity.
abu 1 dust. abu-kayu sawdust. 2 ashes. abu-bara cinders. abu-blarak (Java) cleansing powder (of coconut frond). abu-gosok scouring sand.
abu-abu gray.
abuh 1 swollen. 2 swelling.
abuk fine powder.
abur squander, waste.
abus 1 smallest portion. 2 of no value, worthless.
abyad white, transparent, translucent.
AC (Air Conditioning) air conditioning.
acak 1 disordered. 2 random. meng-2 1 mess up, put in disorder. 2 disturb, upset, confuse. peng-an 1 randomization. 2 messing up, beating.
acak-acak in a hurry, hastily.
acak-acakan in disorder, chaos.
acan (Sd) miniscule in amount.
acang-acang 1 confidential agent. 2 shop steward. 3 master of ceremonies.
acap 1 be under water. 2 be stuck in s.t. deeply. meng-i 1 flood, inundate s.t. 2 soak.
acapkali repeatedly, frequently.
acar pickles, salad made with raw vegetables mixed with spices and a souring agent.
acara 1 agenda. 2 program. 3 judicial procedure. 4 jurisdiction. meng- hand down (a court sentence). meng-kan 1 place on the agenda. 2 bring up with (a judge, etc.). peng- 1 lawyer, attorney. 2  master of ceremonies.
ace see AC.
aceuk (sunda) elder sister.
aci 1 agreed, settled. 2 valid.  3 (sumatra) pith, starchy core.  4 see ACIK.
aci-aci example.
acik (Ch, Sumatra) elder sister.
acir (Coll.) ng- 1 in disarray. 2 helter-skelter.
aco see  KACAU.
acrit (Coll.) come out in rush.
acu /acuan/ 1. 1) hint. 2) reference. 2. 1) mold. 2) matrix. 3. ready.
acuh 1 care. 2  /acuhan/ (Jakarta) not care.
acum incite, instigate, provoke.
acung point upward.
AD 1. [Angkatan Darat] army ground forces. 2.  [Anggaran Dasar] statutes.
ad-interim acting, temporarily in a position.
ada 1 there is, are. 2 (Coll.) be, be present. 3 have, own. 4 did (do so-and-so). -kah Is it the case that. -lah 1 am, is, are. 2 (Lit.) Once upon a time there was. -nya 1 presence. 2 existence. 3 situation. se-(2)nya whatever there is, as o. finds it. ber- 1 be (in a place). 2 well-off, well-to-do. keber-an existence. meng-2 invent, fabricate, concoct (stories). meng-kan 1 organize, arrange. 2 give, hold, deliver (a lecture). 3 create, make. 4 launch. 5 cause, bring about (a catastrophe, etc.). 6 establish (boundaries), bring about, effect (a consolidation). ke-an situation, condition. peng-an 1 stock, supplying, provisioning. 3 provisions. 4 procurement. respect, esteem.
adab 1 courtesy. 2 culture. 3 knowing proper behavior.
adakalanya sometimes.
adalat justice, righteousness.
Adam 1 proper name. 2 (Isl.) the prophet Adam.
adan see azan.
adang 1 intercept, block, ambush. 2 block. 3 flag down. 4 wait for (a parade to go by, etc.).
adanya See  ADA . 1 presence. 2 existence. 3 situation.
adap see   HADAP.
adaptasi adaptation.
adapun see ada.
adas dilt, fennel.
adat 1 custom, tradition. 2 customary law. 3 manners, proper behavior. ber- 1 customary, traditional, follows traditions. 2 well-mannered. meng-kan institute as a custom. ter- already customary.
adati traditional.
adegharge (a decart)  see  SAKSI.
adegan /adekan/ 1 scene (in a play). 2 (Islam) movement.
adem 1 cool, calm. 2 cold. 3 tasteless, flat. ke-an felicity, peacefulness. peng- apparatus for cooling.
adempause (Sport] breathing spell.
adhesi 1 adhesion. 2 devotion, attachment.
adhyaksa (Leg.) a rank for prosecutors.
adi 1 superior. 2 splendid, highly valued.
adib respectful.
adicita ideology.
adidaya see adi.
adiguna (Jv) rely too much on o.’s own abilities.
adik 1 younger brother or sister or younger cousin. 2 form of address to younger brother or sister and younger people in extended family. 3 form of address from husband to wife, boyfriend to girlfriend.
adikara dictatorial.
adikodrat /adikodrati/ (Rel.) the supernatural, the supreme power of God.
adikuasa see adi.
adil 1 just, fair, equitable. 2 legal. meng-i 1 hear, try (a case). 2 administer justice. 3 bring tojustice. ke-an 1 justice ,justness. 2 judicature. peng-an 1 the court. 2 trial, session. 3 courthouse. 4jurisdiction. per-an judicature.
adinda 1 respectful form of address and reference to younger sibling or to a younger person of either sex, esp. 2 form of address to wife or female lover (more affectionate than adik).
ad interim acting, temporarily in a position.
adipati title for bupati (colonial era).
adiratna-pekaca (Lit.} 1 lotus jewel, the sublime jewel. 2 young woman.
adiwarna resplendent, excellent.
adm. [administrasi] administration.
administrasi, administratip administration.
administratif /administratip/ administrative.
administratir /administrator/ manager of an estate.
administratur administration.
admin is trir meng- administer, manage.
admiral admiral.
adolensi tax clemency.
adon knead.
adonan batter, dough.
adpertensi advertisement.
adpis see advis.
adpisir adviser.
adpokat see advokad
adreng (Jv) eager.
adres address (of letter)
ADRI [Angkatan Darat Republik Indonesia] the In­donesian Army (revolutionary era).
adu 1 compete. 2 1) complain about, 2) sue, bring legal action. 3) inform, squeal, tell on, report. 3. sleep (of royalty). meng- 1 pit. 2 bump, hit (o.’s head). 3 contest. peng- informer. peng-an 1 accusation, complaint. 2 denunciation, information (against). 3 indictment.
aduh 1 ouch! ow! (expression of pain). 2 oh my! (expression of disappointed surprise).
aduhai (Lit.) 1 how beautiful! how sad! etc. 2 in­credible, staggering.
aduk meng- 1 stir (tea, etc.). 2 beat (batter, etc). 3 mix. 4 scramble (eggs). 5 interfere in, meddle in (the affairs of others). 6 stir up, confuse, annoy. meng-2 stir up (coffee, etc.). -an 1 the mix, mixture. 2 mixer, beater. peng- stirring spoon or rod. peng-an mixing, stirring (of).
adun 1 dress, finery.  2 see  ADON.
Adven Advent Seventh Day Adventist religious sect or adherent thereof.
adverbia adverb.
adverbial adverbial.
advertensi see   ADPERTENSI.
advis advice.
advokat 1 lawyer.  2 avocado.
adzan see  AZAN.
aerodinamika aerodynamics.
aeronotika aeronautics.
af break off, break up.
afal 1(Islam) works, deeds. 2 1) waste portions of butchered animals. 2) reject products of a factory.  3 see  HAFAL.
afasi aphasia.
afdal /afdol/ see  AFDAL.
afdruk print, copy.
affiliasi see AFILIASI.
afiat 1 healthy. 2 good health.
afiks (Ling.) affix.
afiksasi affixation.
afiliasi affiliation.
afinitas affinity.
afirmasi affirmation.
afiun see  APIUN.
afkir see  APKIR.
aflos /aflus/ see APLOS.
afrikat (Ling.) affricate.
afrit evil spirit.
afwah blessing.
agah meng-agah 1 stare fixedly forward (esp. in certain sports). 2 stare at (to start a fight). 3 put o.’s face forward.
agak 1 rather, somewhat. 2 approximately, about. agak-agak  1 guess, vague idea, fantasy. 2 careful.
agakanya it seems, probably.
agam 1 virile, manly. 2 sturdy, hefty.
agama religion, ber- 1 have a religion. 2 be religious. ke-an religious, religiousness.
agamawan religious person, religionist.
agamawi religious
agamis religious, nada – religious quality or tone.
agan intend, plan.
agar in order that, in order to.
agar-agar 1 k.o. seaweed. 2 gelatin made of seaweed.
agas sandfly, gnat.
agen 1 agency, branch. 2 agent. meng-I 1 distribute. 2 handle. per-an, ke-an agency.
agenda agenda.
agendaris secretary or clerk who draws up the agenda.
agendir meng- enter on an agenda.
agih meng-(kan) distribute evenly, apportion.
agitasi agitation.
agogo 1 Western dance 2 rock and roll.
agraria agrarian affairs. ke-an agrarian matters.
agregat 1 electric generator. 2 aggregate.
agresi aggression. meng- be aggressive. ke-an aggressiveness.
agresif /agresip/ aggressive.
agresor aggressor.
agressif see agresif.
agri-bisnis agribusiness.
agri-industri agri-industry.
agronomi agronomy.
aguk locket.
agul meng-(agul-agul)kan 1 boast of. 2 make a show of, display, show off.
agung 1 exalted, high, noble. 2 impressive. meng-kan 1 glorify, exalt, elevate. 2 praise. meng-2kan indulge in glorification. ke-an 1 grandeur, majesty. 2 greatness, mastery. peng-an 1 exalting (of). 2 glorification.
Agustus August.
ah 1 ah ! alas ! 2 yachh !(exclamation og disgust).  see  A1.
ah-ih-eh exclamation of indecision.
aha aha !
ahad 1 one.  2 Sunday.
ahadiat unity.
ahala dynasty.
ahdiat see ahadiat.
ah ih eh exclamation of indecision.
ahir see akhir.
ahlak see akhlak.
ahli 1.1) expert, specialist. 2) virtuoso. 3) skilled, highly competent, professional. ke-an expertise, skill, competence, know-how.  2. 1) members. 2 relatives.
ahlubait (Isl.) owner of the house, host.
ahlukubur (Isl.) the deceased.
ahlulsuluk (PI.) mystics.
ahmak 1 a fool. 2 foolish. 3 stupid.
AI [ad interim] acting, temporary.
ai 1. (Jkt, Ch) I. 2. see aih.
aib 1 shame, disgrace, scandal. 2 error, mistake.
aidul-fitri see idul fitri.
aih exclamation of surprise.
ai-lap-yu (SI.) a profession of love.
ainulyakin with the complete conviction of o. who has witnessed.
air 1 water, liquid. 2 juice. meng-i 1 irrigate (rice field). 2 dilute with water. 3 give to drink. ke-an flooded, inundated. per-an 1 waters. 2 waterworks. peng-an irrigation, watering.
ais ais-an carrying cloth.
Aisyiah reformist Muslim organization for women.
aja (Coll.) see  SAJA.
ajab 1 surprised, astronished. 2 see  AZAB.
ajaib 1 miraculous. 2 astonishing, remarkable. 3 remarkableness. meng-kan amazing, miraculous. ke-an 1 miracle. 2 mystery, wonder. 3 remarkableness.
ajak 1. meng- 1)  invite. 2) challenge. 3) stimulus. -an 1 invita­tion. 2 challenge. 3 stimulus, peng- induce­ment.  2. (Java) wild dog. 3. (M) similar to, as.
ajal predestined hour of death, end.
Ajam (Lit.) Iran, Persia.
ajan see  AZAN.
ajang 1 site. 2 arena.
ajar 1. bel-  1) (Coll.) study.  2) learn.  2 hermit. meng-1 teach (a subject). 2 teach s.o. 3 give s.o. a lesson he will not forget. 4 train, coach. meng-i 1 teach s.o. 2 train, coach. meng-kan 1 teach s.t. 2 lecture, rebuke. -an 1 teaching(s). 2 theory. 3 doctrine, tenet. 4 lesson, punishment. peng- instructor, teacher. mempel-i 1 study carefully, diligently, in depth. 2 study, scrutinize (proposal). terpel- 1 educated, learned. pel-an course, 2 -training.
ajat see  HAJAT.(Jakarta).
aje see   SAJA.
ajeg /ajek/ steady, stable, constant.
ajektif /ajektiva/ adjective.
ajeng see  JENG.
ajengan (Jv) community leader, s.o. to emulate.
aji 1 spell, charm, magical formula.  2 1) (Lit.) king, ruler. 2) o. who is a champion at doing s.t.
ajidan see ajudan.
ajimat see azimat,.
ajinomoto any k.o. taste enhancer, monosodium glutamate.
ajir stake, marker.
ajojing k.o. rock-style dancing, her- dance this dance.
ajrih respect and fear.
aju meng- 1 institute. 2 put, ask (a question). 3 file, submit, make (ap­plication). meng-kan 1 file, submit (a protest). 2 file, submit. 3 send, submit, present. 4 set forward, propose, put a motion. 5 indict, remand. 6 lodge, enter (a com­plaint). peng-an submission, offer, tender.
ajubillah see audubillahi.
ajudan 1 adjutant. 2 (Navy) chief .petty officer.
ajuk 1. 1) observe, estimate. 2)  test, put to the test, sound out. 2 mimic, imitate, parrot, mock.
ajun 1 purpose. 2. adjunct.
ajung adjunct.
Ak. [akuntan] accountant (used in academic degrees).
Akabri [Akademi Angkatan Bersenjata] Armed Forces Academy.
akad contract, agreement, covenant.
akademi academy.
akademik academic.
akademikus an academic.
akademis academic.
akaid dogma.
akal 1 mind, intellect, reason. 2. intelligence. 3 way, tactics. advice, instruction. 5 deceit, trickness, cunning. meng-i 1 seek a way. 2 deceive, double-cross. meng-kan endeavor, seek a way, work s.t. out. -an fabrication, invention. -2an machination(s).
akali intelligent.
akan 1 will, about to (particle marking future events). 2 . 1) about, regarding.  2) for, with purpose of. 3) as for. se-2 as if, as though.
akang (Sunda, Jakarta) term of address or reference for  elder brother.
akar 1 root. 2 root, source. ber- 1 have roots in. 2 take root. meng- take root. -2an 1 several k.o. roots. 2 s.t. like a root.
akas 1. clever, handy, skillful. 2. 1) upside down. 2) the opposite.
akasa see angkasa.
akasia acacia.
akat see akad.
akaunting see akonting.
akbar 1 exalted, great, mesjid. 2 big.
akekah ritual shaving of baby’s head for first time (us. on the seventh day after birth).
akh see ah.
akhbar newspaper, the press.
akhir end, finish. -nya 1 final, last. 2 ini recently, of late. ber-1 end. 2 become extinct. meng-kan 1 place last. 2 set back (a timepiece). ter- 1 latest. 2 last. 3 ultimate. -an (Ling.) suffix. peng-an ending, concluding.
akhirat the hereafter, the beyond.
akhirnya final, last.
akhirulkalam in conclusion.
akhlak character, morals.
akhlas see ikhlas.
akhli see ahli, 2.
aki 1 storage battery. 2 (in some regions only) grandfather.
akiau (Jakarta, China) young China man.
akibat result, consequence. -nya finally, as a consequence. ber- have consequences. meng-kan result in s.t., cause.
akidah belief, faith.
akik carnelian, agate.
akilbalig, akilbaligh 1 of age, grown up (from age 15 on). 2 legally responsible.
akir see akhir.
akisir battery acid.
akkord see akord.
aklamasi acclamation.
aklimatisasi acclimatization.
akmal (Rel.) utterly perfect (of God).
Akmil [Akademi Militer] Military (Army) Academy.
akomodasi accommodations. meng-kan accommodate, lodge, house.
akompanimen accompaniment.
a kontan cash only, no credit given.
akonting accounting.
akor see akur.
akord harmonic chords.
akordeon, akordion accordion.
Akpol [Academi Kepofaian] Police Academy.
akrab intimate, chummy. ber-an be chummy with, be close to. meng-kan bring close, strengthen (friendships, etc.). ke-an 1 intimacy, familiarity. 2 solidarity.
Akrab (Zod.) Scorpio.
akreditasi accreditation.
akronirn acronym.
aksara 1 letter of the alphabet,  2 script.
aksarawan o. who is literate.
aksef [aksi sefihak] unilateral action.
akselerasi acceleration. meng-kan accelerate.
aksen accent.
aksentuasi 1 (Ling.) accentuating. 2 accent, stress. 3 emphasis, stress. meng-kan accentuate, stress.
aksep an IOU, promissory note.
akseptabel acceptable.
akseptor acceptor, esp. o. who has agreed to practice birth control.
aksesori aksessori, accessory.
aksi 1 action. 2 lawsuit. 3 boasting, bragging. 4 pretense, airs. 5 handsome, attractive (of apparel, behavior, etc). ber- 1 be in action. 2 show off, flaunt. -2an put on airs to get attention.
aksioma axiom.
aksiomatis axiomatic.
akta 1 official document. 2 diploma, certificate.
akte see akta.
aktentas briefcase.
aktif 1 active, energetic. 2 (Ling.) active (verb, etc). 3 functioning. 4 favorable. meng-kan acti­vate. ke-an being active. peng-an activation.
akting 1 o. temporarily in charge. 2 o. who assumes responsibility.
aktip see aktif.
aktir see aktor.
aktiva (Fin.) assets.
aktivis activist.
aktivitas aktivitet activity, meng-kan activate.
aktor actor.
aktris actress.
aktual see aktuil.
aktualisasi actualization. meng-kan bring up to date, actualize.
aktualisir meng- actualize, bring up to date.
aktualitas timeliness, topicality.
aktuil recent, topical, current.
aku 1. I (familiar, intimate).  2. see  AKI1. meng-1 confess, admit. meng-i 1 acknowledge, admit. meng-kan cause s.o. to confess or acknowledge.younger sister. peng-an 1 confession (of faith). 2 acknowledgment. 3 avowal. 4 admission (of guilt).
akuaduk aqueduct.
akuan 1 confession, admission. 2 genie, spirit.
akuarel aquarelle.
akuarium aquarium.
akuisme egocentricity, self-centeredness.
akulturasi acculturation.
akumulasi accumulation, meng-(kan) accumulate.
akumulatif accumulative. meng-kan make s.t. accumulative.
akuntan accountant.
akuntansi accountancy.
akunting see akonting.
akupungtur /akupunktur/ acupuncture.
akur agree to do, go along with.
akuran muttually agree.
akurat accurate, precise, exact.
akustik /akustika/ acoustics.
akustis acoustic.
akut acute, critical (crisis, illness, etc.).
akwal (Lit.) words, speech.
al (antara  lain)  among others.
al-masih the Messiah.
Al-Qur’an the Koran.
ala 1 in the style (of). 2 (alaah) exclamation of exasperation.
alah 1 defeated, beaten, conquered. 2 see  ALA2
alaihissalam (Isl.) Upon him be peace (used after mention of o. of the prophets other than Muh.).
alaikum salam (Isl.) Peace be unto you (said as a response to assalam alaikum).
alal bihalal see halal bihalal.
alam 1. 1) world, realm. 2) nature, natural. 2. (Islam) be more knowledgeable.3. banner, standard.
alamat 1 address. 2 omen, sign, indication. 3 target. 4 title (of a book).
alami /alamiah/ natural, concerned with nature.
alan-alan comedian, jokester.
alang 1 middle, medium. 2. 1) crosswise, diagonal. 2) crossbeam, bar. meng-alang-kan place s.t. athwart. 3. see  HALANG.
alang-alang tall, coarse grass.
alap 1. alap-alap 1) hawk. 2) thief.  2 nice, attractive, handsome.
alaram alarm, danger signal.
alas 1. 1)base, foundation. 2 layer, lining, convering.  2. (Java) forest.
alat 1. 1) instrument, tool, device, equipment. 2). organization. 3) (Fin.) asset. 4) bodily organ. per-an 1 instrumentation. 2 equipment, tools.  2. 1) guest. 2) feast, party.
album album.
ale (Amb) you (respectful).
alegori allegory.
alegoris allegorical.
alegro allegro.
aleksander topaz.
alem spoiled, pampered.
alergi allergy, allergic.
alesduk scarf.
alfabet alphabet.
alfabetis alphabetical.
alfatihah (Isl.) first chapter of Koran recited every prayer time and before praying for dead (esp. at burial), etc.
algoritme algorithm.
algojo 1 executioner, hangman. 2 bully. 3 butcher, murderer.
alhamdu (Isl.) 1 first word of the alfatihah. 2 the alfatihah.
alhamdulillah (Isl.) Praise be to God (us. said in thanks giving).
alhasil 1 eventually, in the end. 2 consequently, in sum, the result.
ali-ali man’s ring.
aliansi alliance.
alias 1 i.e., namely, in other words. 2 otherwise called.
Ali Baba (Derog.) 1 joint Indonesian-Chinese business. 2 frontman in enterprise secretly financed by a non-Indonesian.
alibi alibi.
alif first letter of the Arabic alphabet.
alih shift, change position. ber- 1 change. 2 shift, move. meng- change, replace s.t. with s.t. else. meng-(kan) shift, move s.t. ter- inadvertently shifted. peng-an transfer of s.t. per-an transfer, shift, change.
alihbahasa /alihbasa/ translation. meng-kan translate. peng-an buku book translating.
alik see  ULANG.
alim 1 learned. 2 pious, religious, devout. ke-an 1 piety. 2 religious knowledge.
alimentasi alimony.
aliminium see aluminium.
alinea paragraph.
aling 1 aling-aling  shelter, protective cover.  2 mechanical bearing.
alir 1. ideology. 2. smooth. 3. a line with live bait (to catch crocodiles). meng- 1 flow. 2 pour, stream, flow (of money, people). 3 stream down. meng-i flow through. meng-kan 1 channel. 2 siphon. 3 shed (tears). 4 aim, point. -an 1 current. 2 current, trend, ideology. 3 political grouping, religious sect. 4 school of learning, schol­arly tradition. 5 pipeline. 6 conduit, wiring. peng-an 1 flow (of money). 2 trend, drift.
aliran 1 current. 2 current, trend, ideology. 3 political grouping, religious sect. 4 school of learning, scholarly tradition. 5 pipeline. 6 conduit, wiring.
alis eyebrow.
alit see  TALI.
aliterasi alliteration.
aliyah (Isl.) senior high school.
aljabar algebra.
Aljasair Aljazair Algeria.
Aljir Algiers.
alkali (Chem.) alkali.
alkisah /alkissah/ 1 the story. 2 once upon a time.
Alkitab the Bible.
alkitabiah biblical.
alkohol alcohol.
alku (Coll.) pimp, procurer.
Alkuran see al-qur’an.
Alkus (Zod.) Sagittarius.
Allah God.
allahumma (Islam) O God (in prayers and Koranic recitations).
allamah (Lit.) very learned.
all in (Coll.) everything included, complete.
all round (Coll.) diverse capabilities, versatile.
alm. [almarhum] the late, the deceased.
almahdi the Messiah (of the Last Judgment).
Almaktub (Rel.) Holy Book.
almalun (Lit.) the damned.
almanak 1 almanac. 2 calendar.
almarhum 1 the late, the deceased. 2 pass away.
almarhumah the late, the deceased (of women).
almari see lemari.
al-Masih the Messiah, kenaikan Isa – Ascension Thursday.
alofon (Ling.) allophone.
alokasi allocation. meng-kan allocate. peng-an allocating of.
alokir meng- allocate.
alomorf (Ling.) allomorph.
alon-alon 1. (Java) slow, slowly. 2. see  ALUN-ALUN.
alot 1 tough (of meat). 2 difficult.
alpa neglectful, inattentive.
alpabet see alfabet
alpalka k.o.  alloy.
alpukat see advokat
Al-Qur’an the Qur`an
ALRI (Angkatan Laut Republik Indonesia) Indonesian Navy.
altar altar
akeVnasi alternation.
alternatif alternative.
alto alto.
altruis altruist.
altruisme altruism.
altruistis altruistic.
Altur (Zod.) Taurus.
alu rice pestle.
alum faded, wilted, withered.
aluminium aluminum.
alumni alumnus, alumna.
alun wave, swell.
alunan alunan
alun-alun town square.
alur 1. 1) gully, channel  2) plot (of a story). 3) slot, groove. 4) space. 2.  hold a discussion. meng- groove, flute. meng-2 be so thin the bones stick out. -an  1  channel. 2 context.
alus see  HALUS.
aluwung (Java) preferable.
alveolar alveolar.
am 1 general, ordinary, common. 2 universal.
ama 1 see  HAMA.  2. (Jakarta) see  SAMA.
amah (in some regions only) female Ch servant.
amal 1 deed, work. 2 good deed, charity. ber- 1 charitable, generous. 2 pray silently. meng-kan 1 put into practice, apply. 2 do s.t. regularly. 3 carry out with devotion. -an 1 good deed, good works. 2 regular practice. peng-an 1 doing of good deeds. 2 sincerity in doing s.t. 3 implementing of.
amaliah charitable.
aman 1 peaceful, calm. – sejahtera peaceful and tranquil. 2 safe, secure. meng-kan 1 pacify, render safe. 2 place in protective custody, hold in custody. 3 hand over for safekeeping. 4 reassure. 5 prosecute. ke-an 1 safety, security. 2 peacefulness, tranquillity. peng-1 safeguard. 2 pacifier, peacemaker, conciliator. peng-an 1 (Mil.) pacification. 2 efforts to achieve security.
amanah /amanat/ 1 trusteeship, mandate. 2 intruction, mandate, commission. 3 (Mil.) order of the day. 4 speech, message. ber- instruct, issue an order. meng-i deliver a speech, give advice. meng-kan 1 entrust, commit. 2 instruct, order. 3 dedicate, set aside.
amandel 1 almond. 2 tonsil.
amandemen amendment.
amandir meng- amend.
amang threat. meng-(2)kan threaten by brandishing.
amar injunction, command (esp. of God). meng-kan (Lit.) order, enjoin, -an order, charge, injunction.
amarah anger.
amat 1 very, exceedingly. memper-(kan) intensify, heighten. ter- very. ter-ama-amat awful, very.  2. 1) watch closely, keep track of. 2)  inspect. 3) monitor, guard. meng-i 1 watch closely, keep track of. 2 inspect. 3 monitor, guard. peng- observer. peng-an 1 supervision. 2 monitoring, tracking. 3 observation. peng-(2)an surveil­lance. per-an (Meteorology) radiosonde.
amatir amateur. -an amateur contest.
AMB (Abri Masuk Desa) policy of military personnel participating in village  development projects.
ambah trade, handicraft.
ambah-ambah plague, pest.
ambai scoop net. meng- fish with a scoop net or basket.
ambai-ambai k.o. sea crab.
ambal 1. carpet. 2.  ambal-an 1) procession. 2)  troops.
ambang 1. 1) threshold, sill. 2) railroad tie. 2. float. meng-ambag-ambang float, kurs ~ (Fin.) floating rate. meng-kan float s.t. peng-an floating (of currency).
ambar 1. 1) ambergris. 2) amber. 2. see  HAMBAR.
ambasadir /ambasador, ambasadur/  ambassador.
ambeg-parama-arta (Java) first things first.
ambeien hemorrhoids, piles.
ambek pout, be unwilling to move, work, or take part. meng- sulk, mope. -an tending to sulk.
ambekan breath, breathe.
ambelas see  AMBLAS.
ambeles see  AMBLES.
amben 1 sash worn with woman’s sarong. 2 wooden or bamboo platform for sleeping.
amberol see  AMBROL.
amberuk see  AMBRUK.
ambet 1 diaper. 2 swaddling clothes. 3 bindings, bandage.
ambia the prophets (plural of nabi).
ambigu ambiguous.
ambiguitas ambiguity.
ambik (Call., M)  see  AMBIL.
ambil take. – alih take over. meng- 1 take. meng-i keep taking. meng-kan get or fetch. peng- taker. peng-an 1 removal, withdrawal. 2 interpretation, understanding.
ambin 1 strap, sling. 2 see  AMBEN2.
ambing udder.
ambisi ambition.
ambisius ambitious.
ambivalen ambivalent.
ambivalensi ambivalence.
amblas disappear, vanish.
ambleg /amblek/ give way, collapse (of a bridge, etc.).
ambles mire, bog down, sink in mud. ambles-an  (geol.) subsidence. -an (Geol.) subsidence.
amboi hey ! (exclamation of surprise or sympathy).
ambok arrogant, haughty.
ambreg untidy, messy.
ambreng strong-smelling. ng- have a pervasive odor.
ambrol 1 collapse (esp. of flat surfaces), sag. -lantainya The floor gave way. 2 be destroyed. -kesehatannya His health is declining. Perusahaan-nya – His firm is near bankruptcy.
ambrin (Coll.) sweetheart.
ambring-ambringan indescribable, unheard of.
ambruk 1 collapse (esp. of flat surfaces), sag. 2 be destroyed. ke-an collapse.
ambu-ambu k.o. fish, the bonito.
ambrul 1 bounce, rebound, ricochet. 2 bob up and down.
ambulan /ambulans/ ambulance.
ambung bounce, soar.
ambyar (Java) splatter, fall apart.
ambyuk (Java) 1 swarm, gather in large numbers. 2 fall down (of a tree).
ame (Jakarta) see  SAMA 1,2.
AMD [ABRI Masuk Desa] policy of military per­sonnel participating in village development projects.
amen statement uttered when begging. ng-1 beg while singing playing musical instruments or re­citing prayers. 2 be persistent (like a singing beggar). peng- singing beggar.
amendemen see  AMANDEMEN.
amendir see  AMANDIR.
Amerika 1 N. or S. America. 2 America, American.
Amerikanisasi Americanization.
amerikanisme Americanism.
amfibi amphibian (vehicle, animal).
amil (Islam)  mosque official who collects the tithe.
amin amen.
amir (Lit.) commander,  leader (of gvt.).
amirulmukminin (Islam) caliph.
amis putrid taste or odor of fish.
amit-amit God forbid !
ammaba’dah /ammaba’dahu/ and furthermore (used in formal correspondence and speeches).
ammi illiterate.
AMN (Akademi Militer Nasional) National Military Academy.
amnesti amnesty.
amoh (Java)  in rags.
amoi (in some regions only) form of address and reference to China girl.
amok see AMUK.
amonia /amoniak/ ammonia.
amor (Lit.) love.  dewi-amor  goddess of love.
amoralitas amorality.
amorf (Biol.) amorphous.
amortisasi (Econ.) amortization.
amor see   AMOR.
amoy see AMOI.
ampai slim, slender.
ampai-ampai jellyfish.
ampang 1 insipid, tasteless. 2 see  EMPANG.
ampas waste, dregs.
ampat (Jakarta) see  EMPAT
ampe see   SAMPAI.
ampek 1 have difficulty breathing. 2 asthma.
ampela chicken gizzard.
ampelas see  AMPLAS1,2.
ampelop see  AMPLOP.
amper 1 (Madura) porch, veranda. 2 . 1) (Elec.) ampere. 2 electric meter.
Ampera [Amanat Penderitaan Rakyat] Message of the People’s Suffering (Sukarno-era slogan).
amphibi /ampibi/ (Coll.) see  AMFIBI.
ampir see  HAMPIR.
ampiran (Java) stopping-off place.
ampitasi see  AMPUTASI.
ampiteater amphitheater.
ampitir meng-ampitir  amputate.
amplas 1 fig tree. 2 sandpaper.
amplasemen see  EMPLASEMEN.
ampli /amplifayer/ amplifier.
amplop envelope.
ampo k.o. red medicinal clay for stomach upsets.
amprok meet, run into.
ampu 1 support, prop up   .2 see EMPU.
ampuh 1 1) endowed with magical power. 2) potent, efective (of medicine). 2. flood, overflow,  inundation.
ampul 1 (Med.) ampul. 2 swell, expand.
ampun 1 pardon, forgiveness. 2 mercy. meng-kan 1 forgive. 2 condone. ter-kan forgiven, forgivable. ke-an forgiveness, pardon. -an 1 forgiveness. 2 amnesty. peng- forgiven. peng-an 1 amnesty. 2 mercy.
amput (Java, Vulg.)  have sexual intercourse .
amputan 1 female genitalia. 2 mistress.
amputasi amputation. meng- amputate.
amputir see   AMPITIR.
amra k.o. mango.
amril 1 sandpaper. 2 emery board or paper.
AMS (Algemene Middelbare School) k.o upper secondary school (colonial era).
amsal 1 proverb. 2 parable. 3 (Bib.) Proverbs.
amsiong (China) internal injury.
amtenar government official.
amtenarisme officialism, bureaucratism.
amuba amoeba.
amubawi amoebic.
amuk 1 go berserk, run amuck. 2 rage violently. peng-an running amuck, fury, raging.
amukan 1 fight. 2 uncontrolled raging.
amunisi ammunition.
ana (Jakarta, used by those of Arab descent or educated in Islam schools)  I.
anafora anaphora.
anaforis anaphoric.
anak 1 child. 2 offspring. 3 native of. 4 member of a group. 5 dependent, sub, smaller variant, accessory of. 6 term of address to a child (most often as nak). ke-2an childish, childlike. -an 1 (Fin.) interest. per-an 1 of mixed ethnic origins 2 uterus, womb. 3 hybrid (of cattle).
anakanda (Lit.) 1 Child, son (respectful, use mostly in letters with the meaning I or you).  2 familiar form of address to young people.
anakronisme anachronism.
analis analyst, analyzer.
analisa analysis, examination. meng- analyze. peng- analyst. peng-an analyzing, examining.
analisawan analyst.
analisir meng- analyze.
analisis analysis.
analitik analytic.
analitikus analyst.
analitis analytical.
analog analog.
analogi analogy.
anam see  ENAM.
ananda see  ANAKANDA.
anarkhis 1 anarchic. 2 anarchist.
anarki anarchy.
anarkis see  ANARKHIS.
anarkisme anarchism.
anasir element.
anatomi anatomy.
a.n.b. [atas nama beliau] in his name.
anbia see  AMBIA.
ancai disabled (of a ship), meng-kan wreck, damage.
ancak 1 bamboo stand or container for offerings to spirits. 2 rack, shelf.
ancak-ancak indifferent, casual, nonchalant.
ancam say s.t. threatening. meng- threaten. meng-kan 1 threaten with. 2 threatening. ter- threatened, in danger. -an threat. peng-an posing a threat.
ancang (Jv) 1 the distance. runs before taking a leap. 2 preparations (often directional). 3 (Ling.) onset, meng-2 1 make preparations. 2 take a run. -an approach (to a problem, etc.).
ancar-ancar /ancer-ancer/ 1 estimate. 2 target date, time, or amount.
ancoa (China) How’s it going ?
ancuk (Java, Vulg.) copulate.
anda you, (common in newspapers and journals, and sometimes used in speech as a neutral form).
andai if. andai-nya  supposing or suppose  that. se-(nya), -nya supposing or suppose that. meng-kan suppose, assume. peng-an supposition, assumption,
andak meng-kan 1 reef, take in (a sail). 2 limit, restrict, decrease.
andal 1 rely on. 2 trade on.
andalan 1 mainstay. 2 security, pledge. 3 chief seat (at national or territorial level).
Andalas (Lit.) Sumatra.
andam 1. 1) trim o’s hair or beard neatly. 2) have a hairstyle that requires care.  2.  lock up. 3 (M) grave.
andang torch.
andang-andang 1 (Jakarta) mole, birthmark. 2 (Naut.) yardarm.
andap (Jv) able to be humble.
andapita k.o. cake.
andar 1  explain in great detail, give a long-winded account. andar-an protracted account, explanation. 2 see  MATI.
ande see  HANDAI, ANDAI.
andel see  ANDAL.
andeng-andeng see ANDANG-ANDANG.
andepi see  ANDEWI.
anderak elephant pit.
anderok slip, petticoat.
andewi endive.
andi title of nobility in S. Sulawesi.
andil 1 (Fin.) share, 2 contribution,
andon see  ANDUN.
andong four-wheeled carriage drawn by two horses common in Central Java.
anduk 1. 1) hold up high in a strap. 2) hold.   2. see  HANDUK.
andukan 1) support, prop. 2) sling.
andun go to.
adunan outsider.
andung (Medan) grandmother.
ane (Jakarta) see  ANA.
aneh strange, queer, peculiar. ke-an 1 oddity, peculiarity. 2 idiosyncrasy.
aneka various, diverse, all sorts of. meng-kan vary, make diverse. ke-an variety.
anekdot /anekdote/ anecdote.
aneksasi annexation.
anem see  ENAM.
anemer building contractor.
anemi anemia.
anestesi anesthesia.
anestesiologi anesthesiology.
anfal 1 attack. 2 heart attack.
ang (M) you  (when addressing males).
angah see   ENGA2.
angan 1 thought, notion, idea. 2 chimera, illusion. ber-angan-angan 1 dream, fantasize. meng-2(kan) 1 recall, ponder, contemplate. ter-2 thought, intended. -an idea, notion.
angan-angan 1 thought, notion, idea. 2 fantasy, illusion, day dreaming.
angcui k.o. red China liquor.
angel (Jv) 1 difficult. 2 strange, unusual.
anget see  HANGAT.
angga tine, branch of antler.
anggak conceited, arrogant, haughty.
anggal 1 light, insignificant. 2 slack, light. 3 lightly loaded (of a ship).
anggap 1 opinion.  2 (Lit.) nod the head to invite another to join in dancing or drinking. ber-an be of the opinion. meng- regard as, consider, deem. -an 1 opinion, belief. 2 judgment. 3 suspicion, hunch, impression.
anggapan 1. 1) opinion, belief. 2) judgment. 3) suspicion, hunch, impression. 2. such an invitation (by a nod) to dance or drink.
anggar meng- 1 estimate, calculate, compute.  2 (Sport) fencing. 3. 1) (Av.) hangar. 2) shed, warehouse (at harbor). 3 quay. meng-kan draw up a budget, budget out. -an estimate, calculation, consideration. peng-an budgeting.
anggauta see  ANGGOTA.
angger fixed (of prices).
anggerak /anggerik/ see  ANGGREK.
anggit 1 lace, thread, string (shoes, etc.) 2 fasten or secure with rattan (for thatching). 3 composed, draft.
angglap (Coll.)  1 embezzle (money). 2 steal (goods). 3 default, welsh (on debts).
anggota 1 member. 2 member, limb. 3 part, component. ber- have as member. ber-kan be composed of, have as members. ke-an membership.
anggrek orchid.
anggrekwan orchid grower or enthusiast.
angguk nodding of head (to indicate agreement or due to dozing). meng-angguk-angguk keep nodding. meng-i assent to. meng-kan 1 nod (the head). 2 agree to. ter-2 1 uncontrollably nod. 2 toss and pitch (of a boat). -an 1 a nod. 2 pitching (of boat or ships).
anggul the head, tip upward.
anggun 1 neat, hansome. elegant (of building or appearance). 2 affected, pretentious. 3 haughty. ke-an 1 elegance. 2 affectation. 3 haughtiness, aloofness.
anggung lift, raise.
anggur 1.  1) be unemployed, be idle. 2) lie idle. 2. slip. cutting (of plants).  3. 1) grape. 2) wine.
anggut 1 nod due to drowsiness. 2 move erratically, pitch (of a ship).
anghun (China) k.o. tobacco.
angin 1 wind. 2 air. 3 rumor. meng-i air. meng-(2)kan 1 air, aerate, expose to the air. peng-(2)an aeration, airing, per-an 1 ventilation.
angin-anginan blow hot and cold, fickle, be capricious.
angina tonsillitis.
angit odor of burnt rice or bread.
angka 1 figure, numeral, digit. 2 rate. 3 mark, grade.
angakar see  ANGKER.
angkara (Lit.) 1 greedy (for power, wealth, position). 2 egotistical, self-centered. 3 brutal violence, savagery.
angkasa 1 sky. 2 heaven, firmament. 3 atmosphere.
angkasawan 1 spaceman, astronaut. 2 broadcaster, announcer.
angkasawati 1 spacewoman, female astronaut. 2 female broadcaster, announcer.
angkat 1 lift, raise. 2 take away, remove (esp. in petty commerce). 3 (in set phrases) begin to do s.t. member-kan dispatch, send. keber-an departure. pember-an sending off, dispatch. meng- 1 lift (up), raise. 2 appoint, designate. meng-2 praise. meng-i remove (many things). meng-kan 1 lift up, raise. 2 roll up (o.’s sleeves). ter- 1 able to be picked up. peng- 1 support. 2 instrument for lifting. 3 lifter, o. who lifts. peng-an 1 appointment. per-an 1 equipment.
angkel pocket money given to a military recruit.
angker 1. 1) eerie (esp. of haunted places). 2) (Coll.) terrible. 2. 1) anchor. 2 motor armature.
angket 1 inquiry, poll. 2 questionnaire.
angkin (Ch) cloth waistband, sash worn by women.
angkit meng- remove hot pans or coals from the fire.
angklung musical instrument consisting of suspended bamboo tubes which sound when shaken.
angkong gambling game with three cards.
angkong-angkong sit idly, do no work.
angkota see  ANGKUTA.
angkringan (Jv) long carrying pole with hampers on either end.
engku see  ENGKU.
angkuh 1 arrogant, conceited.  2. form, appearance.
angkup tweezers.  angkup-angkup 1 valve. 2 tweezers.
angkut meng- 1 carry, transport. 2 carry away. 3 contain. meng-i pick up. -an 1 transport, transportation. 2 shipment, load. peng- 1 transport, carrier. 2 transporter, truck, van. peng-an transportation, transport.
angkut-angkut k.o. wasp.
Angkuta (Angkutan Kota) gvt. organized small vehicle transportation systems in small urban centers.
angkut-angkut k.o. wasp.
anglap see  ANGGLAP.
angler 1 pleasant. 2 smooth. 3 quiet, tranquil.
angler-angleran calm, content.
anglisisme anglicism.
anglo brazier.
anglong 1 terrace. 2 speak in a confused manner.
angon (Java) graze cattle.
angonan livestock.
angop (Jv) a yawn, meng- to yawn.
angot 1 have a relapse, become angry or ill again. 2 be delirious.
angpau (Ch) gift of money in a red envelope (esp. at Ch weddings, New Year).
angsa goose.
angsana tree.
angsio (China) red-braised cooking.
angsu 1 draw water. 2 absorb, draw upon. 3 gain knowledge.
angsur ber-(2) 1 little by little. 2 move forward a little. 3 in installments. meng- 1 do gradually. 2 pay in installments. 3 move. meng-i pay for s.t. in installments. meng-kan 1 order s.o. to move. peng-an 1 process of paying installments. 2 process of moving gradually.
angus see  HANGUS.
angut 1 nap, doze. 2 fritter o.’s time away.
ani wooden device of loom where warp fits.
ani-ani small palm-held reaping knife for cutting rice stalks.
aniaya 1 ill treatment. 2 tyranny, oppression. 3 injustice. meng-(i) 1 maltreat, torture, beat viciously. 2 tyrannize, persecute. ter- molested, mistreated. peng- tyrant, maltreater. peng-an 1 mistreatment, cruel treatment. 2 oppression, tyrannical treatment. 3 battering.
aniem /Arim/ (Algemene Nederlandsch Indisch Electriciteit Maatschappij) electricy (company) (esp. of colonial era).
animis animist.
animisme animism.
animo 1 zest, energy, gusto. 2 interest.
aning-aning k.o. large wasp or bee.
anion (Chem.) negatively charged ion.
anis anise, anisette.
anja-anja spoiled, pampered.
anjak thrust, push, shove. meng-transplant, reset (plants). meng-kan take steps. per-an transfer, removal.
anjal 1 bounce, rebound. 2 elastic, springy, resilient.
anjang-anjang 1 k.o. sea fish, the gurnard. 2 small trellis of split bamboo, lattice.
anjangkarya field trip,study tour.
anjangsana a visit of a high official to the field for inspection or to another country.
anjar anchor.
anjiman (Lit.) merchant ship of the Brithis E. Indian Company.
anjing 1 dog. 2 (Derog.) despicable fellow.
anjing-anjing k.o. tree.
anjir k.o. tree.
anjlog 1 descend rapidly, plummet. 2 shift rapidly.
anju attempt, running start.
anjung 1 extension, annex (often an enclosed veranda). 2 ship’s bridge. 3 (R.R.) platform (of coach).
anjur 1. 1) stick out, jut out, protrude. 2) move on or toward.  2.  withdraw. meng-kan 1 suggest, propose, recommend. 2 extend, project, thrust s.t. out. 3 hand over, pass. peng- 1 proponent, advocate. 2 promoter, propagandist.
anjuran 1 proposal, suggestion. 2 recommendation, advice.
Anm. (Anumerta) posthumous.
annemer see ANEMER.
annuite see ANUITET.
ano see ANU.
anoa /anoang/ (Sulawesi) dwarf buffalo.
anoda anode.
anom (Java) young.
anomali anomaly.
anomi anomie.
anonim anonymous.
anonimitas /anonimitet/ anonymity
anonser announcer.
anotasi annotation.
ansambel ensemble.
ansar /ansor/ (Islam) Muh.’s followers in Medina when he departed Mecca.
ansur see  ANGSUR.
Ant. (Antara) Indonesian News Agency.
antagonis antagonist.
antagonisme antagonism.
antagonistis antagonistic.
antah 1 rice chaff, bran. 2 ber-antah fabled, imaginary. 3 see  ENTAH.
antakusuma see  BAJU.
antam see  HANTAM.
antamer /antamir/ undertake, tackle.
antan rice pestle.
antap 1 calm, quiet. meng-kan 1 calm, soothe, appease. 2 calm s.o. down. 2 see  ANTEP.
antar 1 accompany. 2 inter-antar (used in compounds). meng- 1 deliver, bring. meng-i bring or send to. meng-(kan) 1 accompany, bring s.o. to a destination. 2 see off. 3 introduce. -an 1 (Elec.) conductor. 2 an order, thing ordered. 3 s.t. delivered. peng- 1 companion, escort. 2 o. who delivers. 3 porter. 4 bellboy. 5 (Elec.) conductor. 6 introduction.
antara 1 between. 2 in, about (of time). 3 not far from. 4 in the meanwhile. per-, peng- 1 intermediary, mediator, go-between. 2 agent, 3 agency, expediter. per-an 1 intercession, mediation. 2 middleman, intermediary (individual or a body), 3 intervention. 4 relationship.
antar-antar 1 rotor. 2 piston rod.
antarbangsa international.
antari see  Baju.
antariksa 1 (outer) space, interplanetary space. 2 planetary atmosphere.
antariksawan astronaut, cosmonaut.
antariksawati female astronaut or cosmonaut.
antartika antarctic.
antarvokal (Ling.) intervocalic.
anteb see  ANTEP.
antedatering retroactive dating.
antedatir meng- date s.t. retroactively.
antek (Coll.) henchman, lackey
antelas see  KAIN.
antem see  HANTAM.
antena /antene/ antenna, aerial.
anteng (Java) 1 calm, quiet. 2 being quiet and sticking to o.’s work.
antep (Jv) heavy, solid, massive.
anter see  ANTAR1.
antere /anteri/ see  ANTRE.
antero whole, all, total, entire. se- the whole, the entire. se-nya everything, entirely.
anteseden antecedent.
anti 1 be opposed to. 2 anti-, resistant to. anti-biotika  antibiotic. anti-gemuk nonfattening. anti-karat stainless (steel), rustproof. anti-peluru/pelor invulnerable to bullets. anti-perang antiwar.
antih meng- spin, peng-an spinning mill.
antik 1 antique. 2 ornate, highly embellished (furnishings, etc.). 3 eccentric. 4 lively. 5 cute (esp. of children).
antiklin (Geol.) anticline.
antilop antelope.
antimon antimonium antimony.
anting anting-anting 1 pendant, earring. 2 pendulum of clock.
anting-anting drongo bird.
antipati antipathy.
antipoda antipode 1 antipodes. 2 wholly oppo­site (of individuals).
antisemit anti-Semite.
antiseptis antiseptic.
antisipasi anticipation, meng- anticipate.
antisipir meng- anticipate.
antitesa antitese, antitesis antithesis.
antologi anthology.
antonim antonym.
antonimi antonymy.
antrasit anthracite.
antre antri stand in line, queue up.
antropolog anthropologist.
antropologi anthropology.
antuk 1 come in contact with, touch. 2 see  KANTUK.
antul meng- bounce, rebound (of a ball).
antun see  ORANG.
antung-antung hanging holder for earthen jugs.
antup sting, meng- sting.
antusias enthusiastic.
antusiasme enthusiasm.
anu 1 whatchumacallit, what’s-his-name (hesitation form). 2 (Math.) unknown quantity. 3 say, by the way.
anuang see  ANOA.
anugerah 1 (Rel.) a gift from God. 2 gift from a person of higher status to o. of lower status. meng-i bestow on s.o. meng-kan bestow, confer (a degree), present a gift to s.o. peng-an bestowal, conferral, presentation.
anuitet annuity.
anulir meng- annul, cancel.
anumerta posthumous.
anut attentive, meek, pliant. meng-(i) 1 follow, submit to. 2 practice, profess (a religion). -an 1 adherence. 2 conviction, belief. 3 fad. peng- 1 follower, adherent. 2 o. who goes along with others without sticking up for o.’s own ideas. peng-an taking up (a religion, political philosophy, etc.).
anyal 1 peevish, petulant. 2 resentful, annoyed.
anyam meng- plait. -an 1 cane work, plaited mats. 2 plait, tress, braid. -2an plaited materials, peng-an plaiting.
anyang k.o. salad of raw meat and shellfish or raw fruit with spices.
anyar (Jv, Madura) new.
anyelir carnation.
anyep (Jv) 1 bland not salty. 2 clammy, damp.
anyes (Jv) cold and damp.
anyir rancid, rank, smelling of fish oil.
AP [Angkatan Perang] Armed Forces.
apa 1 what, which. 2 a quetion marker. 3 or. 4 eh (hesitation marker, filler word). -nya,pun whichever. meng-kan do what to. ng-in (Jki) 1 do what. meng-2kan do.
apabila (Lit.) when (esp. in indirect questions).
apak musty, moldy, sweaty.
apakala (Lit.) when (esp. in temporal clauses).
apal see  HAFAL.
apalagi 1 above all, especially. 2 even less, let alone. 3 moreover, besides.
apalah 1 please. 2 What does it amount to? (Nothing!)
apam rice flour cake.
aparat 1 apparatus, appliance, instrument. 2 institution, agency.
aparatur apparatus. – negara state apparatus.
aparteid see apartheid.
apartemen apartment.
apartheid apartheid.
apas 1 elegant. 2 (coll.) be unlucky, be jinxed.
apati apathy.
apatis apathetic.
apatisme apathy.
APBN [Anggaran Pendapalan dan Belanja Negara] national budget.
apdeling see afdeling.
APDN [Akademi Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri] Civil Service Academy.
apdol see  AFDAL.
ape-ape cake made from wheat flour.
apek see  APAK.
apel 1. apple. 2. 1) (Leg.) appeal. 2) roll call. 3) rally, assembly. 4) (SI.) go to see s.o. meng- 1 appeal, enter an appeal. 2 take roll.
apem see apam.
apermut see  HAVERMUT.
apersepsi apperception.
apes be unlucky, be jinxed.
aphasi see  AFASI.
api 1 fire. 2 flame, blaze. 3 spirit. ber-api-api 1 furious, raging. 2 glitter, shine, sparkle (of eyes). meng- 1 fan (a fire). 2 rouse (passions, spirit). 3 incite, stir up (trouble). 4 warm up. per-an 1 fireplace, brazier. 2 ignition. 3 oven, range. 4 furnace.
apik 1 neat and nice, trim. 2 attractive, chie.
apikal apical.
apit hemmed in, wedged in. ber- 1 be wedged in, be hemmed in. 2 be close to e.o. 3 jammed, wedged, stuck. meng- flank. memper-kan move close together. peng-1 clamp. 2 paperclip. 3 flanker. 4 maid of honor or best man at wedding.
apitan 1 clam  2 (elec) terminal  3 press  extractor (sugarcane , petroleum)  4 intercalation , interpolation.
apium raw opium.
apkir 1 cast off. 2 rejected (for the army).
aplikasi application. meng-kan apply, put to use, administer.
aplos 1 relieve, take turns. 2 redeem.
aplus 1. applause.   2. see APLOS.
apokat see ADVOKAT2.
apolitik apolitical.
apollo-kronco rides at an amusement park.
apopleksi apoplexy.
aposisi apposition.
apostolik apostolic.
apostrof /apostrofe/ apostrophe.
apotek pharmacy, dispensary.
apoteker pharmacist.
apotik see  APOTEK.
appel see  APEL.
Apr. [April] April.
APR [Amanat Penderitaan Rakyat] Message of the People’s Suffering (Sukarno-era slogan).
APRA [Angkatan Perang Ratu Adil] Army of the Just King, a right-wing terrorist group in W. Java (about 1950).
apresiasi appreciation. meng- appreciate, relish, enjoy.
APRI [Angkatan Perang Republik Indonesia] Indonesian Armed Forces.
April April.
APRIS (Angkatan Perang Republik Indonesia Serikat). Army of the United States of Indonesia.
aprit-apritan run pell-mell, run feverishly.
apukat see  ADVOKAT2.
apuh wrung dry, squeezed out.
apung float, buoyed up. meng- 1 float. 2 float upward, soar. meng-kan set or keep afloat (of a canoe, toy boat, etc.). ter- floating or drifting about, afloat, adrift. -an (Geol.) drift. peng- 1 buoy. 2 float, raft.
apuran gutter, drain, drainage ditch.
apus 1 (Java) deceive, trick. 2 see  HAPUS.
aqidah see akidah.
aqil-balig see akilbalig.
ara 1 tropical fig tree (several species). 2 plants similar to ara.
Arafah a desert valley near Mecca which has an important role in haji ceremonies.
arah 1. 1) direction, course. 2) aim, direction, purpose.  2  see ARA. meng- 1 aim, direct. 2 aim at. 3 manage, direct, administer. 4 head for. meng-2 1 resemble, favor. 2 note, observe (in order to identify). meng-i give directions to. meng-kan 1 direct, aim, point. ter- aimed, directed, guided. -an directive. peng-an 1 briefing. 2 direction, instruction, guidelines.
arak 1. 1) rice wine, arrack. 2) liquor (esp. brandy, gin). 2. procession. ber-(an) go in a procession. -2an procession, review. meng- accompany in a procession. peng- o. who participates in a procession, parader. peng-an, per-an procession.
arakian moreover, the next thing in the story.
aral hindrance, obstacle.
aram-temaram twilight.
arang charcoal. peng-an 1 charcoal making. 2 carbonization.
arangesemen see  ARANSEMEN.
arangsir see   ARANSER.
aransemen arrangement.
aranser aransir 1 arrange. 2 arranger, meng-write the arrangement for.
Ararat (Rel.) Ararat, the mountain where Noah’s ark rested.
ararut arrowroot.
aras 1.border, limit.  aras2, arasy (Rel.) the throne of God.
arbei strawberry.
arbitrase arbitration.
arca statue, image.
archeologi see ARKEOLOGI.
area statue, image, meng-kan cast into a statue, make a likeness.
arde (Elec.) ground.
are 100 square meters.
areal acreage.
arek (Jv) child. – Suroboyo (Coll.) s.o. from Surabaya.
aren sugar palm.
arena arena.
ares arrest.
arestasi detention, capture.
argometer fare-meter (e.g. in taxis).
argumen argument, case, plea, reason.
argumentasi argumentation.
arheologi see arkeologi.
ari 1 see  ARI-ARI. 2 see ULAR. 3 see kulit. 4 see  HARI.
ari-ari 1 abdomen. 2 placenta, tali - umbilical cord.
aria 1. 1) title of nobility. 2 the Aryan race. 2. aria.
arif 1 learned. 2 wise, clever, skillful. 3 capable.
arifin intelligent person.
arih meng-(kan) hold out, extend.
arik insomnia.
aring 1. 1)trap, snarl. 2) lasso. 2. odor of urine.
ario see  ARIA.
arip see  ARIF.
aris 1 hem, 2 edge, border (of sail, etc.).
arisan regular social gathering whose members contribute to and take turns at winning an aggregate sum of money.
aristokrasi aristocracy.
aristokrat aristocrat.
arit 1 sickle. 2 knife for tapping rubber trees. 3 grass knife.
arive established, attained a position.
Arjuna 1 the chief hero of the Mahabharata, known  for  his  martial  and  sexual  prowess. 2 playboy, womanizer. 3 handsome man.
arkais archaic.
arkaisme archaism.
arkeolog archaeologist.
arkeologi archaeology.
arkeologis archaeological.
arkian see  ARAKIAN.
arkip see  ARSIP.
arktika see  ARTIKA.
arloji timepiece, watch.
armada fleet.
arnab rabbit, hare.
arnal hairpin, stickpin for the hair.
aroma aroma.
aromatik aromatic.
aromatis aromatic.
aron half-cooked rice.
arona sun
arpus resin, rosin for violin bows.
arrahman (Isl.) the Merciful (i.e. God, esp. in prayers or sermons).
arransir see aranser.
arrive see  ARIVE.
arrohim (Isl.) the Benevolent O. (i.e. God, esp. in sermons).
arsen /arsenikum/ arsenic.
arsip 1 archives. 2 files. ke-an 1 archival matters. 2 records. peng-an filing, system for keeping archives.
arsiparis 1 archivist. 2 file clerk.
arsir shade in (a drawing), -an hatching (in sketching), shaded-in area.
arsitek architect.
arsitektur architecture.
arsitekturil architectural.
arso (Jv) ng- in front of an exalted person.
ART [Anggaran Rumah Tangga] rules of association.
arta see harta.
artawan see hartawan.
artesis artesian.
arti 1 meaning. 2 sense. 3 significance, importance. -nya that is, meaning. se- of the same opinion or meaning. ng-(Jkt, Sd) understand, comprehend. meng-kan 1 interpret, construe. -an 1 meaning, 2 idea, concept. 3 interpretation. peng-an 1 understanding. 2 meaning, sense.
artifisial /artifisiil/ artificial.
artika arctic.
artikel 1 article, clause. 2 article, column. 3 (Ling.) article.
artikulasi articulation.
artikulator (Ling.) articulator.
artileri 1 artillery, ordnance. 2 artillery, gunners.
artis artist
artistik artistic.
arts (Coll.) physician.
Aru Buginese title.
aruan see haruan.
aruh see pengaruh.
arum-dalu k.o. night-blooming flower.
arum-manis cotton candy.
arun meng- stir, mix in.
arung meng- wade across, cross. meng-i 1 cross s.t. 2 sail through s.t. 3 ford, wade across. 4 wade through, plod through (o.’s studies, work). peng-an action of crossing.
arus 1. 1) current. 2) flow.  2. see  HARUS.
arwah soul, departed spirit.
Arya see aria.
aryaduta (Lit.) ambassador.
as 1. 1) axle. 2 axis. 2. (Crd.) ace.
as. (alaihissalam) Peace be with him (uttered after mention of minor prophet).
asa hope.
asabat 1 nerve. 2 sinew, muscle.
Asad (Zod.) Leo.
Asada Buddhist holiday commemorating Siddharta’s first sermon after being enlightened.
asah grind down (teeth or gem). meng- 1 sharpen. 2 file (teeth). 3 polish, shine, burnish (a gem). 4 grind, whet, hone. 5 plane (a board). -an 1 shavings.  2 dust. peng-an 1 honing. 2 sharpening, grinding, scraping.
asah,asih,asuh (Jv) a teacher’s slogan: teach, love, care for.
asai mouldered, mildewed.
asak 1 move, budge. 2 cram, jam.
asal 1. 1) origin, source. 2) beginning, cause. ber- 1 come from. 2 be from a good family. 3 be descended (from). meng-kan trace origin (back) to. 2. 1) provided that, as long as. 2)  do s.t. for no good reason other than just to do it. 3) just be able to do the most important, basic thing and no more.  se-nya perfunctorily. -2an done in any old way, perfunctorily. -kan provided that.
asali 1 original, primary. 2 ancient. 3 of good family, wellborn.
asaliah see  ASALI.
asam 1 sour. 2 acid. 3. k.o. tree, tamarind. meng-i 1 add acid. 2 put tamarind into o.’s cooking. meng-kan pickle, preserve. ke-an acidity. ke-2an sour(ish), acidic. -an 1 pickle. 2 acid. 3 acidity. -2an 1 pickled dish(es). 2 all sorts of acids.
asap 1 smoke. 2 fumes. 3 smoked. meng- 1 become, turn into, smoke. 2 smoke, cure (food). 3 fumigate. 4 scent, perfume (clothes). meng-i 1 smoke, cure (food). 2 fumigate. 3 scent, perfume (clothes). peng-an 1 fumigation. 2 curing. per-an 1 incense burner. 2 fumigator, fumigating agent.
asar 1 (Islam) afternoon prayer (about four p.m.). 2 period between three and four p.m.
asas 1 basis, principle.. 2 foundation, base. ber-(kan) 1 be based on. 2 have principles. meng-kan 1 found, base. 2 found, establish, peng-founder.
asasi fundamental, basic.
asbak ashtray.
asbes asbestos.
asbun [asal bunyi] speak without forethought.
asbut [asap kabut] smog.
ase 1. k.o. curry soup with meat. 2. (air conditioner) air conditioner.
ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations)  ASEAN.
aseli see  ASLI.
asem see  ASAM.
asembling assembling, assembled.
asemblir assemble.
asep see   ASAP.
asesanti (Jv) utter a slogan.
asese approved, agreed.
asesori accessories.
asetilen acetylene.
asfal see  ASPAL 1.
ashadu see asyhadu anla ila ha illallah.
ASI (Air Susu Ibu) mother’s milk.
Asia Asia.
asih 1 see ASAH ASIH ASUH. 2. see MAHAASIH.
asik see asyik.
asimetri asymmetry.
asimetris asymmetric.
asimilasi assimilation.
asimot see  AZIMUT.
asimptot (Math.) asymptote.
asimut see  AZIMUT.
asin 1 salty. 2 salty, briny. meng-i, meng-kan 1 salt. 2 pickle s.t. -an salted vegetables. peng-an pickling, salting.
asing 1 strange, foreign, alien. 2 odd. 3 remote, isolate. 4 different. meng-kan 1 isolate, separate. 2 exile, banish. 3 segregate, separate out. 4 intern, jail. 5 alienate. ter- 1 secluded, separated, isolated. 2 exotic, very foreign. keter-an 1 isolation. 2 exclusion, alienation. ke-an 1 difference, deviation. 2 strangeness. per-an 1 exile, banishment. 2 isolation. 3 internment (camp). 4 alienation, estrangement.
asisten 1 assistant. 2 assistant in a university.
asitilen see asetilen.
askar see   LASKAR.
asli 1 original. 2 genuine, authentic. 3 indigenous, native, autochthonous. 4 aboriginal, primitive. 5 innate, inborn. ke-an 1 authenticity, genuineness. 2 originality.
asma 1 name (esp. of God).  2. asthma.)
asmara romantic love.
asmaragama (Java) the art of sexual relations.
Asnowo (Asli Cino Jowo) (Derog.) Javanese Chinese.
aso (Coll.)  rest, take a break.
asoi /asoii/ 1 passionate, hot. 2 wonderful, super. 3 be absorbed in s.t.
asonansi assonance.
asor (Java) lowly.
asosiasi association. ber- associate. meng-kan as­sociate s.t. peng-an the act of associating (with s.o.).
asoymasoy see  ASOI.
aspal 1 asphalt. meng- asphalt a road. -an pavement. peng-an asphalting (of a road). 2 (asli palsu) (Humorous) s.t. that looks original but is falsified.
asparaga vine used in floral arrangements.
aspek aspect.
aspektual aspectual.
asperges asparagus.
aspiran aspirant, candidate.
aspirasi aspiration.
aspirat aspirate.
asprak appointment.
Aspri [Asisten Pribadi] personal assistant.
Asrafil see  ISRAFIL.
asrakal a ceremonial meal.
asrama 1 dormitory, hostel, residence hall. 2 barracks.
asri 1 beautiful. 2 harmoniously chic.
assalam’alaikum (Islam) Peace be unto you (a greeting). – warahmatullohi wabarakatuh (Islam) Peace be to you and Allah’s mercy and blessing as well.
assembling see  ASEMBLING.
asset (economic) assets.
assoi see  ASOI.
assumsi see  ASUMSI.
assyooi see  ASOI.
astaga Heaven forbid, For heaven’s sake.
astaganaga (Sl.) gee whiz !.
astagfirullah astaghfirullahal’azim (Islam) May God forgive me ! (uttered when o. is shocked by immoral behavior).
astaka see  BALAI 1.
astakona 1 octagon. 2 polygon.
astana see istana.
Asteng (Asia Tenggara) S.E. Asia.
aster see bunga.
astma see ASMA
astrolog astrologer.
astrologi astrology.
astronaut astronaut.
astronautika astronautics.
astronomi astronomy.
astronomis astronomical, celestial.
astronot see  ASTRONAUT.
astronotik see  ASTRONAUTIKA.
asu (Jv) dog! bastard!
asuh meng- 1 care for, take care of, rear, bring up (a child). 2 educate, bring up. 3 train, prepare. 4 maintain, lend support to. -an 1 upbringing, rearing. 2 education. 3 leadership, direction. 4 sponsorship. peng- 1 nurse, nursemaid. 2 guardian, caretaker. peng-an care.
asuhan 1 upbringging,rearing  2 education  3 leadership,direction  4 sponsorship .
asumsi assumption.
asung incite, stir up.
asuransi 1 insurance. 2 insurance payment or installment. 3 insurance payment received. meng-kan insure s.t. per-an insurance system.
asusila immoral.
asut see  HASUT.
aswo (asli Jowo) authentic Javanese.
asyar see  ASAR.
asyhadu an la ila ha illallah (Islam) 1 the first part of the confession of the faith. 2 I testify there is no God but Allah (an exclamation of astonishment upon hearing or seeing s.t. forbidden by religion).
asyik 1 passionate. 2 be infatuated. 3 busy. 4 absorbed, eager. meng-kan 1 preoccupy, engross, absorb. 2 fascinate. 3 fascinating, attractive. 4 making s.o. ardent or amorous, infatuating. ke-an preoccupation, obsession.
asyoi see  ASOI.
Asyura (Islam) 10th day of Muharram, which commemorates Muh.’s grandsons Hassan and Hussein, Day of Atonement.
AT (Asia Tenggara) S.E. Asia.
atak k.o. three-wheeled vehicle similar to the bemo.
Atal (Atase Angkatan Laut) naval attache.
atap 1 thatched roof of palm leaves. 2 roof. ber-kan covered with. peng-an roofing (of a house).
atar k.o. perfume.
atas 1 on, upon, on top of. 2 upper. 3 above, upstairs. 4 over (an amount), in addition. 5 for, because of. 6 in(to). 7 at, upon. meng-i 1 top, surpass, exceed. 2 overcome, master, surmount. meng-kan 1 lift up, hike up. 2 place higher, favor. menge-kan 1 raise. 2 hike up. ter-i can be overcome.
atase attache.
atau 1 or (in questions). 2 whether.
ataukah 1 or (in questions). 2 whether.
atawa (Coll.)  see  ATAU.
ateis atheis. ke-ateis-an atheism.
ateisme atheism.
atensi attention.
Athan (Atase Pertahanan) defense attache.
ati see  HATI.
atlas atlas.
atlet athlete.
atletik athletics.
atlit see  ATLET.
atma (Lit.) 1 breath (yoga exercises). 2 soul.
Atmil (Atase Militer) military attache.
atmosfera atmosfir/ atmosphere.
atol (Geog.) atoll.
atom atom.
atomisasi atomization.
atop burp, belch.
atos hard.
atraksi attraction.
atret (Coll.) back up, go in reverse.
atribut attribute.
atributif attributive.
atsiri volatile, ke-an volatility.
Atu, Atud (Atase Udara) air attache.
atuh (Sunda) oh, hey.
atung see  KATUNG.
atur arrange. ber-an uniform. meng- 1 put in order, straighten up. 2 regulate, organize. 3 arrange, settle. 4 string, thread.  meng-kan put in order for s.o. ter- 1 in order, regulated nicely. 2 regular, arranged. keter-an orderliness, regularity. -an 1 arrangement, set-up. 2 regulation, rule. 3 directions, instructions. 4 manner, behavior. 5 routine (of a household). peng- 1 (Tech.) regulator, governor. 2 controller, technician. 3 arranger. peng-an arrangement, control. per-an 1 regulation. 2 system of organization.
au exclamation of pain or amazement.
aubade solemn evening ceremony of taking down the flag.
audiensi audience (with royalty, etc.).
audio-visuil audiovisual.
audisi audition.
audit audit. meng- conduct an audit.
audubillahi (Islam) I take refuge in God, my God protect me (uttered when o. is shocked by immoral or impious behavior).
auk meng-auk-auk 1 bark (of a dog). 2 caw, cackle.
aula hall, auditorium.
aulia (Islam) saints, pious personages.
aum 1 roar (of lion or tiger). 2 raging (of storm). meng- 1 roar, bellow. 2 buzz. meng-2kan boast, tout, make widely known. -an roaring, buzzing.
aung see   RAUNG.
aur 1 k.o. thin bamboo.  2 see  AWUR1.
aurat 1 (Islam) part of the body which may not be visible while performing a ritual. 2 genitals.
AURI [Angkatan Udara Republik Indonesia] Indonesian Air Force.
auriol halo.
aus 1 worn-out, threadbare. 2 worn down (of a knife, etc.). meng-i 1 wear s.t. out. 2 wear s.t. away, erode s.t. meng-kan cause s.t. to wear out. ke-an 1 wearing out. 2 weathering.
australi Australia.
aut (Sport) out.
autarki economic self-sufficiency.
autentik see  OTENTIK.
auto see  OTO 1.
autobiografi autobiography.
automatis see  OTOMATIS.
autonomi see  OTONOMI.
autoped see  OTOPET.
autopsi autopsy, meng- perform an autopsy.
autorisasi see  OTORISASI.
Avgas (aviation gasoline)
aviasi aviation.
Avigas see  AVGAS.
avontirir see  AVONTUR.
avontirir adventurer.
avontur adventure.
avonturir see  AVONTIRIR.
avonturisme adventurism.
Avtur [Aviation Turbo Fuel] airplane fuel.
awa negating prefix used in formal neologisms.
awahama meng-awahama-kan disinfect, sterilize.
awahidrat peng-awahidrat-an dehydration.
awahutan meng-awahutan-kan deforest.
awak 1 body, self. 2 crewman, crewwoman. 3 I, my. 4 (Sumatra) Minangkabau. 5 you, your. mem-per-, meng-i man (a ship, etc.). meng-kan house in barracks or dormitory, billet. peng-an 1 figure, shape, silhouette. 2 crew. per-an 1 figure, shape, 2 build, physique. berper-an have a certain build.
awal 1 beginning. 2 beginning, initial. 3 first, early. ber-an prefixed, meng-(i) 1 head, be first. peng- pioneer, the first.
awam 1 common, general. 2 lay, nonexpert. meng-(kan) 1 promulgate, announce (a decree, etc.). 2 propose. 3 advocate. ke-an generalness, commonness. peng- advocate, promoter.
awan 1 cloud. 2 cloudlike decoration. ber- cloudy, overcast. meng- climb into the sky.
awang-awang 1 atmosphere. 2 up in the air, uncertain, far off. 3 dizzy.
awangan impromptu, extemporaneous.
awas 1 careful, watch out. 2 sharp-sighted, far-sighted. 3 (Sport) get set! meng-i 1 supervise, control, administer. 2 supervise, oversee, look after. meng-kan observe, note. peng- 1 supervisor, superintendent, overseer. 2 keeper, caretaker. peng-an 1 supervision, care, oversight. 2 control, checking. 3 surveillance.
awe, awe-awe (Java)  wave (hand).
awet durable, lasting. meng-(kan) can, preserve (fruits, etc.), stuff (animals). ke-an 1 life, duration (of appliances). 2 preservation. -an s.t. preserved. peng- preservative. peng-an preserving, conservation.
awur 1 meng-awur scatter, sow. 2 (me)ng-awur do s.t. at random, blindly.
awut (me)ng-awut do s.t. blindly, carelessly.
awut-awutan 1 tangled (of rope, thread, etc.). 2 tousled (of hair). 3 chaotic, haphazard.
AX part of a license plate number given to vehicles not paying import duties.
ay. (ayat) verse (of the Korea, Bible), article (of a law, etc.).
ayah father, as a term of adress, us, yah. ber-(kan) have a father. meng-i father (a child). ke-an 1 fatherhood. 2 parental.
ayahanda father (used in letters).
ayak sieve, sifter. 2  o. who wobbles or waddles. meng- sift (flour, etc.). -an, peng- 1 sieve, sifter. 2 o. who wobbles or waddles.
ayak-ayak k.o. insect with long legs us. found on top of water.
ayal 1 slow. 2 doubtful. (ber)-2an delay, tarry, linger
ayam chiken.  ayam-aduan  fighting cock.
ayan 1.  epilepsy.  2. 1 tin. 2 tin can.
ayaran (tukang)  pickpocket.
ayat 1 (Rel.) verse. 2 (Leg.) article, subsection. 3 clause. 4 paragraph.
aye (Jakarta)  I.
ayem (Java) calm, assured.
ayeng ayaeng-ayeng-an 1 go here and there. 2 go around in circles, accomplishing little or nothing.
ayer see  AIR.
ayo,ayoh,ayok 1 come on ! 2 goodbye.
ayom protected, sheltered.
ayu pretty, beautiful.
ayub 1 (Islam) o. of the propthets. 2 (Bib.) Job.
ayubagya meng-ayubagya  celebrate.
ayuh see  AYO.
ayuhai (Lit.) an exclamation.
ayun ambung swing, sway, meng-ambungkan sway, rock s.t. meng- 1 rock (child, cradle). 2 swing, wield. meng-kan 1 swing s.t. at. 2 hurl s.t. peng- pendulum, peng-an action of swinging.
ayunda (Java) elder sister (respectful), esp. in letters.
ayut (Vulg.) meng-ayut  fornicate.
azab torment, punishment. distress, suffering.
azal 1 endless past, eternity without beginning. 2 see  AJAL.
azali see  ASALI.
azam 1 highly respected. 2 intention.
azamat see  AZMAT.
azan (Islam) call to prayer.
azas see  ASAS.
azasi see   ASASI.
azimat 1. 1 amulet, charm, talisman. 2 mascot.  2. see  AZMAT.
azimut (Astr.) azimuth.
aziz 1 enormous, great. 2 awe-inspiring.
azmat extraordinary, fantastic.
azza-wa-jalla (Islam) to whom belongs glory and majesty (in reference to God).
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